Scan And Detect Spyware

Spy Scanner helps you find out Spyware applications and notifies you and how to uninstall it from your phone. Spyware applications often have dangerous functions such as reading images, calls, messages, social networking messages, recording the surrounding environment, and the most dangerous is the auto-answer, it helps bad guys have Can eavesdrop on your phone anytime. Spy Scanner application will help you remove these malicious applications quickly.

Detects SpyBubble, eBlaster Mobile, UonMap Spy, variants of Skygofree, parental control apps and many more surveillance apps, also known as spyware

Anti Spyware will run through all the applications installed on your device to detect and remove spyware applications on your device. The software will analyze all applications on your device and even if SpyWares cannot be found, we will issue a warning list for those applications that use suspicious permissions and are capable of spying. on your device. In particular, we will show you detailed information about the permissions that the application has used in your device.

The Anti Spyware application uses two levels of protection – the first is a list of the most popular spyware on the market today – the results of that scan are listed in the Scanning section. Even without root access, the Android system provides information about all installed packages and the permissions granted to each application.

The second level is we heuristic analysis scans the licensing model similar to the rights that the spy model needs to be licensed – the results will be listed in the Warning section. We will make it easy for you to identify that one application is safe and that the other may be a hidden spy.


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