Features of Spy Scanner

Spy Scanner is a typical spyware removal software made by the company with a lot of research and experience on Spyware. It is a simple on-demand scanner, but quite effective. The program does not use false positives. ScanSpy can accurately identify and remove location-tracking spyware as well as Call, SMS, Photo, Video and social networking messages you and your family have on the phone you use each day.

In addition to spyware scanning, features of Spy Scanner also provide you with the following useful features:

Ram BoostSpy Scanner helps you boost – Clean RAM and optimize phone speed
The Booster function can clean junk files and free up RAM to prevent your phone from running slow and lagging, and especially you don’t need root access to improve your phone.

Check Root: is a free, fast and easy to use one-click root checking app to verify if your device has proper root access or not (superuser or su). Provides even the newest Android user with a simple method to check their device for root (superuser, or su) access.

App Manager: Want to get a glimpse of all the apps you’ve installed or been sneaked into your phone by someone else but you don’t want to jump through all the rings? Scanspy will help you do that, in a flash, you will be able to view and uninstall unwanted applications from your device.

We make sure the features of Spy Scanner can safely support your phone and not have to worry about spyware applications anymore.

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