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spy scanner

Scan and detect devices that have spyware installed then show the security solution for keeping your device safe. Extremely easy to use.

With each Android version, device model, Spy Scanner will Scan spyware and show you the most suitable solution for protecting your device from spyware.

Spy Scanner helps you boost – Clean RAM and optimize phone speed
The Booster function can clean junk files and free up RAM to prevent your phone from running slow and lagging, and especially you don’t need root access to improve your phone.

Spy Scanner is designed for simple use and gives an exact solution and Scanspy is designed for offline use. Use Scanspy any time you want.


We have seen first hand how easy it is for surveillance systems to spy on literally anyone, how easy they are to use and how devastatingly effective they can be. Using sophisticated spy software both Governments and civilians are able to take control of any person’s smartphone from anywhere in the world and from that point they have access to everything that person does.

These surveillance systems are readily available from dozens of companies on the Internet. They are very sophisticated tools but incredibly easy to use. Anyone with a credit card and literally no IT skills can be spying on any smartphone in seconds.

There are many commercial surveillance systems on the market and we are working very hard to identify all of them, forensically dissect them to figure out how they work and how they hide. Then we will update our Anti Spy Scan spyware removal. We have some very talented forensic experts working with us and we will not stop until we have found all commercial surveillance systems, and then we shift our focus to governments.

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